12.08. - Panel katedrális - (2007) - Prefab Cathedral plan made by Bence Fischer - 75024HUF

An average, Eastern European, ten storey prefab. Take all storeys out so only the skin remains. Change all windows to stained glass. Outside, leave everything untouched. Leave all remaining interior walls untouched as if all storeys had just disappeared. Leave tiles, wallpapers, family photos, mirrors as they are. As for its reality, it can surely be done. As for being done, it's sure worth it.

16.08. - Ötéves terv - ( 2004 ) - Five years plan - 75024HUF

Five card calendars of the Hungarian Catholic Church

17.08. - Isten szereti magát - ( 2004 ) - with Csaba Vándor - 75024HUF

18.08. - Totaljoy - (Tót Endre paródia) - (2004) - Totaljoy - (Endre Tót parody) - 75024HUF

I am glad that I am not Endre Tót

19.08. - Családfasz - ( 2003 ) - 75024HUF

20.08. - Paintbrush - 50 - ( 2002 ) - 75024HUF

Our computer was so much out of date in 2002 that only the Word and a simplistic drawing software could run on it. So being bored I got hooked on (the Admiral then) the Paintbrush - instead of playing Patience.

21.08. - A szirének hallgatása - 50db - (2002) - Silence of the Sirens - 50pieces - 75024HUF

I made 100 CD cover-sized collages. The realization could mostly be defined as an attention therapy. Collecting the base material itself for the collages had taken half a year. I tried to spot something grotesque, strange, not appropriate detail in each picture. The conscious increase of the level of attention had become both part of my everyday life ad a kind of skill.
The collages had been on display on CD covers. Most of the pictures deal with social, cultural problems rather than offering some kind of esthetic, formal solutions.

22.08. - Legyen Ön is messiás - (2002) - Let yourself be a messiah - 75024HUF

The board game completely works up the New Testament. Each miracle an apologue is present either on the cards or on the board. On the board fields can be found that although revering to the New Testament diverse from it and distract the fallible Saviour-candidate. Fake miracles and apologues can be found among the cards as well, thus two of the three Messiahs must necessarily miss the aim.

23.08. - Megváltó - (2001) - Saviour - 75024HUF

The work was made for the 2.nd ARC billboard exhibition
1. my friends would like me to…
2. my wife wish to see me like…
3. my trainer…
4. and I just want to save the world

24.08. - HURUL - (2001) - Hungarian Roulette - 75024HUF

is similar to the world-famous Russian roulette. It contains 19 painkillers and 1 pill of deadly poison.

25.08. - Povlak - (Lepedék) - (2001) - Plaque - 75024HUF

Embroidered bands in the Hungarian national colors
Red – Removes plaque
White – Prevent cavity
Green – Provides fresh breath
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