14.08. - Benczúr Emese pandant - (2007,SZAF) - Emese Benczúr pandant - 75024HUF

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  1. Hi Miki !

    my name is stefan tiron and i am a curator and editor from Bucharest Romania.
    i really liked your work with the Családfasz project from 2003. I am one of the editors for the OMagiu magazine www.omagiu.com

    We would like to feature this project in our current XXX issue. It fits perfect with our theme.

    please if you are interested contact me on megatron @ omagiu dot com

    i am trying to find your email trough some friend

    best regards

  2. Hi Miki,
    I´m from Argentina, I studied at the same art school that Luis Terán and also currently take classes with a great professor that we had in common.
    I arrived here from his blog, and really liked your work, and put a link of your blog-folio on my blog.

    If you want take a look of mine.




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